Friday, March 5, 2010


1.) Thanks for all the good wishes about my interviews. Next time, assuming there is a next time, I will not report it. I will wait to report in when I actually gain employment.

2.) Am I the only one who thinks they are making way too much of the seasoned air traffic controller who is on the headset with his children and tells them what to say to departing planes which are on the ground and who can override whatever they might say wrong at any moment? I mean, geez, people. Lighten up. There are more significant problems in this world - hell, in the airline industry that we could shine a light on and we are spending hours of our time and who knows how much money investigating this? Get a grip people, stop projecting what the controller might have done that could have caused a disaster and focus on the harmless thing that actually happened. Harmless.

3.) Looking forward to the Oscars on Sunday. Miss the old days when the stars weren't so processed up by stylists, but I enjoy the spectacle, none the less.

4.) Finally broke down and bought new windshield wipers for my car. Now the forecast changed and we have a dry week ahead. So those of you in the Bay Area can thank me for the sunshine this weekend.


michiganme said...

Yep, I agree with #2 - that was a contrived story. Though after hearing it, the thought that ran through my head was, "Good grief, what was that dad thinking? Wouldn't he assume that the media would get ahold of this?"

Have a great weekend...MIME

phd in yogurtry said...

oh no, you MUST report your interviews so we can all cheer you on. one of these days, soon very soon, we will be right and then we can claim credit! you wouldn't deny that of we faithful readers, now, would you? (bummer, though .. sorry for your disappointment .. job hunting is verrrry stressful .. hang in there!)