Monday, March 29, 2010


The headline of the day:

The study, published in the Nature Neuroscience journal, found that when rats consumed a lot of high-fat, high-calorie food, it led to compulsive eating habits - similar to a drug addiction.

Another study that could have saved money by just asking me...or any number of overweight people.

I am sure this story is getting a lot of attention so I will not go through the details, but I will add my experience. Some of us can't eat "what we want" in moderation. My husband is always after me when I turn down foods: "Just have a little", "a bite won't hurt you."

Well, some people can have a little and then move on to the healthy alternatives. Me? When I am off the sugar, the high fat, the rich foods - I need to stay off. One taste and I am drawn back in like an alcoholic back to the bottle, like an addict back to the needle.

My friends and family frequently comment on my will power. Yes. I can be very strong minded when I am off the stuff. But don't ask me to to have just a taste. It is torture. It is why I have spent most of my life fat.


jenn said...

You're reading my mind today. I just put up a post on the same thing. :)

I hate it when I actually find the strength to resist something and somebody encourages me to "try it."

Wenderina said...

That is so true. I also eat very quickly, which means my mind doesn't have time to catch up and tell me I'm full when I'm only 1/4 of the way through that ice cream container. How can anyone just take one cookie? 3 chips? a tiny slice of cake? Even a bowl of popcorn must be eaten to the last popped kernel. Abstinence is the only answer.

Suzanne said...

For me, too, some foods are all or nothing propositions. I allow myself to indulge if a particular craving grows really strong, and maintain a steely discipline the rest of the time.

Like the other day, I really wanted some Trader Joe's reduced fat baked cheese crunchies. It is impossible for me to eat "just a taste" and then stop. I bought a bag and ate half almost as soon as I got home. I had the second half later that evening, and won't buy any more for months.

It's so disheartening when other people don't understand the strength and determination required to say no, and they unwittingly undermine our resolve by suggesting "just a taste." Sometimes, moderation just isn't possible, for whatever reason.