Friday, July 16, 2010


1.)  My son is an old hand at leading summer camps, but this year is different.  In the past he has worked with teens, now each week he has a different age group.  The week he had 4-6 year-olds he was really out of his element.  He commented on how fun they were, how open and excited they were about everything.  The only problem was that there was this one kid who cried when his mom left in the morning.  It was always a scene.

I told him that was pretty common for that age group.  He just grumbles about what a pain this kid is.  I said "Zac, just remember the next time you have one of those kids... YOU were that kid."

2.)  After all the worry and gathering of statements from neighbors and preparation for the hearing about Hilda's barking citation; the man who complained got up and said it was all much better now and please drop the fine.  I still had to get up and give my spiel, which I edited down considerably and it all ended with the Judge commending me for our efforts and the City Attorney recommending the fine be dropped and smiles all around.

3.)  I have been helping my youngest sister, Polly, with a couple of her recent home staging jobs.  She is an interior designer, but with the economic downturn, she has been getting calls for these jobs to prepare homes for sale, rather than for homeowners looking to spend a bunch of money decorating.  We have enjoyed working together and she has proposed our starting a business together.  I am researching the possibilities.  Tom wants me to get a job with benefits, though, so he is not happy with the idea.

So my dilemma is whether to pursue this idea without his "blessing" or just keep plugging away at the job market that doesn't seem to want me...

4.)  On the weight loss and fitness side.  I crossed my legs this morning.  Just like that.  Sat down with my cup of tea, put on the Today show and crossed my right leg over my left.  Please realize that I have not been able to do that in YEARS.  When you have big thighs and a big tummy, you cannot do that.  I didn't even realize I could do it, and I did it!


Walker said...

Congratulations!! It's little realizations like that which give little pushes to keeping going! Love you.

yogurt said...

Glad there were smiles all around but what the heck? Did he speak to you afterwards? Explain himself?

Whoop whoop on your leg crossing milestone! I bet you just can't stop crossing and uncrossing. Hooray for you!