Wednesday, July 14, 2010


When I am restless and not wanting to clean something, read my book, and there is no good TV (hurry up Mad Men!) I find myself spending more time looking around at sillier and sillier websites.

This is from a site called "My Food Looks Funny" there are some amazing things there. Some are creative like this melon shark, some are natural phenomenas:

Some have been helped along by someone with a creative eye:

Then there are always the baby zoo animals which will make you feel better on any day, no matter how crummy.  There is frequently video, as there is of this baby otter.

Then I go over to The Sartorialist to see how the tres chic are dressing these days:

Then I might jump over to  Brand Freak to see what the corporations are up to when it comes to new products and marketing.  We have this to look forward to hearing about on all the news shows with a tie in to the war on obesity.  Maybe someone needs to talk to the fast food chains about that war...

And a good surf would not be complete without a stop in to There, I Fixed It.

And then there is Poorly Dressed People.  The photo is suggested as a good screen saver for an unsuspecting co-worker!

Well, enough of my wandering the web.  What have you found there lately?

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jenn said...

I love the melon shark, but who the heck has time to do that??