Monday, July 12, 2010


I live in a moderate sized suburban city near the old downtown area. Which is basically the several original city blocks with some of the fist building still preserved and filled with restaurants and boutiques. The real business of the city goes on in the business parks scattered around the neighborhoods which grew around downtown.

It is quiet here. We have the train going by, the occasional siren, dogs barking. We can hear the loudspeaker in the high school football stadium if the wind is blowing the right direction. Sometimes when driving around there is a young man with one of those booming sound systems in his car. On Friday nights in the summer there is a free concert in the park, but they have to shut the speakers down by 8pm.

So this morning when I stopped in to the ATM outside the bank and hear a car horn honk I was so startled I jumped. Not a sound I am accustomed to hearing! No one honks in Pleasanton!

It appears the person in the fourth car back from the line at the light was not happy with the speed with which the first person at the intersection had moved when the light changed.

He must be from out of town, I thought.

It reminded me of when my sister came back from a trip to Boston. She and her husband rented a car and were mystifyed by all the horn honking going on. They couldn't figure out if there was some sort of signal you were supposed to give when entering an intersection by honking. When they asked about it, the question was answered with with blank stares.

I have noticed all the honking when I am in Philly, too. So maybe it is an East Coast thing. We are not much into honking in California, at least not in the 'burbs.
How about where you live?

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mkosboth said...

Bahahahaha. I live in Boston. We move at a speed that defies description, whether that is driving or walking through the grocery store. When I visit my parents in Oregon, I feel like I have taken Benadryl and am really sleepy because everyone moves soooooo slooooooowly. And they won't let you pump your own gas. WHA??? In the time it takes them to pump gas for me I could have pumped gas for 5 cars. Makes me crazy. But I am not horn honker. I think that most people out here who honk are a little TOO tightly wound. But it is definitely an east coast thing. Too much Dunkin Donuts coffee.