Tuesday, July 20, 2010


I realized the other day that this problem with the dog barking when I am out of the house has had me on edge to the point that I stay home all the time.  I go to the gym and hurry home.   I wait until someone is home before I run to the store.  Finally this morning I decided to get out of the house!  The dog will survive in her crate and I have a long list of things I need to do.

I noticed more and more women wearing gloves while driving their cars.  I think most if not all of them were Asian women, but I didn't see all of the drivers faces.  Is this a new thing?  I assume they are keeping their hands from freckling in the sun.  Sunscreen isn't enough?  Has anyone seen this?

They had completely changed Target around.  They have some cool new shopping carts!  It was quite an adventure trying to find things.  Who knew that the garbage bags would be in the pharmacy rather than with the cleaning supplies?

And why is Target turning into a grocery store?  This particular Target is right across the street from a huge Safeway, so it isn't like there is nowhere else to buy groceries.  Plus, the stuff they are selling is the processed, frozen and junky food that people are better off avoiding.  Convenience over quality, I guess.

On the plus side, I found something I have been hoping existed.  We now have a green waste can, so instead of putting food things down the disposal, we  save them for the green can.  But all those veggie scraps and tea bags and fruit pits get wet and slimy in the little can under the sink before I carry it out.  I have lined it with paper bags, but they break through.  Glad now has little compostable and biodegradable bags to line the can with and they aren't expensive.  Hurrah!

I finally broke down and bought a pair of "Spanks."  It sort of defeated the fact that I scored a nice polo style dress from Lands End for $20.00 to spend about that much on an undergarment to make it look better on me, but I am likely the last woman of my age group (any age group?) to own some.  My sister assures me that no matter what size, all women over 45 need these things to smooth out the indignities of aging.  And I constantly hear these skinny celebrities claiming they owe it all to spanks - yeah, right!

I hit Home Depot and stopped in to the bike store to get the special nutrition thingies Tom likes and then I went to Sweet Tomatoes and had a salad bar lunch.  I have not been there in ages.  I enjoyed my lunch out and then picked up a few groceries and headed home.

Hilda survived and I  enjoyed being out and about for a change. 


jenn said...

I haven't noticed the glove thing on women around here ... interesting.

Lisa said...

I'm so glad to hear there's a biodegradable bag now for the compost!

And Spanks? I don't have them, but I'm sure I need them.

Jenn @ Juggling Life said...

I love the Lands End polo dresses! And yes, Spanx are a necessity.

Anonymous said...

I'm 41 and I don't have any Spanx.