Monday, April 1, 2013


Tom and I took Friday off to spend a little extra time with Ally before she went back to school.  We hit the outlet mall and had a grand time with Tom's credit card! Then we went over to our favorite wine bar for refreshments and some great bar food.  They served Ally which made it even more fun!

We were worn out from shopping and had a little buzz so we went home and got comfy and watched some TV.

The next morning we hauled Ally out of bed and all went to Zumba class!  So fun. 

I bought about 5 bags of groceries to stock Ally's kitchen and drove her back to San Francisco.  Got back, changed into some of my new clothes and went out for a great time with my sisters and their husbands.

Sunday we made it to the gym again, ran some quick errands and then we collapsed like the old farts we are.

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smalltownme said...

A good weekend! I love Zumba. I'm off to mine in an hour.