Saturday, April 27, 2013


We were out on the bikes early today because it is supposed to get very hot - we are having record setting temperatures this month. I had Tom take a photo in front of the mustard plants because they shot up over my head in the past 2 weeks since we rode this trail!  Last weekend we went a different route so I could get some hill climbing practice!

I am loving my new helmet, it's so cool and light.  I can see from the photo that I need to hem the sleeves of my shirt.  (I got it on sale at REI and just lopped off the long sleeves.) Another thing I see in the photo is my need for a better sport bra!  Very uni-boob and low here. Photos are so enlightening...

Anyway - I am amazed at how much stronger I am getting on the bike.  I am using the higher numbered gears a lot more and Tom measured our average pace at 12 mph this trip.  Next weekend is our bike "event" along the Sacramento River. I am confident of the distance, just a little worried about how crowded it might be as I get nervous with other people riding close to me! 

In other news - I am loving my new job!  It is  amazing how fast the day goes by and I am having fun helping put the design orders together for the stagers. The new employers are happy with me and how quickly I am catching on to everything which is very validating.


smalltownme said...

Good news all around!

Karen (formerly kcinnova) said...

Happy news about your job and improving fitness level.
And WOW, I've never seen such tall mustard!