Monday, April 15, 2013


Remember this?  His money is offshore, too.
 Tax day news:  Looks like the rich are sheltering up to $32 TRILLION DOLLARS in cash in the British Virgin Islands... but now we'll be finding out who they are since a leak has revealed their names and emails.

Now this is not just Americans, the list includes tax cheats across the world. It adds up to almost half the world's GDP.  It is staggering to think what could be done if that  money wasn't hidden away but paid in taxes where they are owed.  Poverty and disease eradicated, education elevated and made available to all. Just think of all the good that could be accomplished if there wasn't so much greed.  And don't get me started on all the alleged charitable donations these wealthy people say they contribute - most of them are write-offs which don't come out of their pockets secret bank accounts.

I say that as someone who paid over $50,000. in taxes this year.  Not exactly small change for anyone and a huge burden for us.  We know that there are all kids of ways we could lower our tax bill but that would involve misrepresentations, otherwise known as cheating. A risk we are not interested in taking but more importantly it involves moral turpitude, which we are not interested in, either!

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knittergran said...

Before the election, I was with some friends and I mentioned tax evasion news about Romney. A Republican friend (everyone here is R; tough to live here sometimes) said that we shouldn't begrudge them not paying taxes, because they are "job creators." I asked "Really, with the money sitting in offshore accounts? How does that work?" No response.