Wednesday, April 17, 2013


Last weekend Tom and I went on our longest bike ride so far - 33 miles.  We were back on the Iron Horse Trail for most of it, but rode from out from our house to the trail on the streets.  I am getting much more comfortable with riding with cars.

Killer Tree Balls of Death
At a couple of points Tom had me riding in front of him because I was wearing dark colors and he felt he was more visible in traffic.  He reminded me that the lead rider is supposed to point out road hazards.  So I was pointing out the sights - like poppies, graffiti and dachshunds in addition to potholes and "killer tree balls" which, fortunately are falling in fewer numbers in the past weeks (hit those things with your bike tire and be prepared for a fall.)

Then I got a call Saturday afternoon about a job I applied for.  Had a nice phone interview and was scheduled for an interview - hurrah.  So, of course, I had to go shopping for an interview outfit. I headed over to JCP, coupon in hand.

Aren't these cute?

I told Tom I would only be out a short while.  I got there and had pulled about 10 things to try on from the plus size department and they were all too big.  So I had to start over, figure out where to go and start pulling things to try on all over again. 

Tom thought this was hilarious when I explained why it took so long.  I know I am much smaller but I guess I am still plus size in my mind. I actually bought a pair of pants in a size 14!  Strangely enough, another similar pair by the same designer fit me in size 16.  So I really had to try 2 sizes of everything and made several trips in and out of the dressing rooms. 

Sheer with a Cami underneath - goes with 2 pairs of pants I own.
I managed to buy 5 tops and 3 bottoms for about $125.00 - all of them in the Liz Claiborne department.  I wore a lot of her clothes back in my college days - just love that the designer who has taken over the line, Isaac Mizrahi, is still doing such great, colorful and classic clothes.

Now I just have to figure out which outfit to wear for my interview today!

PS - The interveiw went really well - I should hear by Friday...


smalltownme said...

Good luck with the interview!

knittergran said...

Great news on the interview and the shopping! Good luck, of course.
And I don't know if you are tall or not, but I have found LC clothes to fit my 5'10" frame.
A friend gave me great advice on shopping: Do your deciding at home.
i.e. Just take a bunch of stuff you think you might like home to try on and think about. Most everything is returnable.

knittergran said...

Good news on the interview! Hope you get the job!